2 Weeks in Nashville

I spent 2 amazing weeks in Nashville, TN this month, soaking up music, learning how to
write with others, exploring the limits of my voice and building new relationships. One of my friends recently sent me a note saying, “when you re-pot something, it always looks a bit dwarfed by the container in the beginning… a little foolish…until it grows into, and eventually out of, those new circumstances.”

I definitely felt like a little plant in a big pot during much of my stay in Nashville, but through the kindness of friends and friends of friends, I also grew so much and am ridiculously excited to share all of the new songs I wrote there with you! I also learned about/met a ton of new (to me) musicians and songwriters …

I wrote with …

Joshua Silverberg – www.redredstudio.com

Evan McHugh – www.evanmchugh.com

Josiah Rosen – josiahrosen.com

Jeremy Johnson

David Browning

Kipp Williams

I saw in concert …

Andy Davis – www.andydavisonline.com

Amy Stroup – www.amystroup.com

Friends told me to check out … 

Tin Pan South, Korby Lenker, Dave Mires, Emily Delouch, Flectones, Tina Bloomquest, Andy Gullahorn, Jill Phillips, Jessie Baylin, Thad Cockerel, Scott Murry