Applying to SXSW

I submitted my application to SXSW last night, and was surprised by one of their questions: What do you hope to accomplish at SXSW? I wrote out a few different answers, ranging from very flowery to totally business; and in the end submitted the following paragraph.

Somehow it keeps coming back to community:

For me, it’s incredible satisfying when that music is shared with a community and even more gratifying when that community is as excited about music as you are.  I know that SXSW is a community of musicians, industry people, and listeners looking for and ready to love new music – and that is a place I want to be. 

The music I’ve created this year has been getting rave reviews from each audience I’m able to share it with, and I would love the chance to share it with the SXSW community.  I hope that the people I meet will lead to creative collaborations and musical relationships that last long after SXSW.