Artisan Portraits – Tiffany Thompson

Guest post from Patrick McNamara from Drawn to the Image

Hi my names Patrick McNamara and I’m a senior in college. Last year I was brainstorming ideas for my senior thesis. I wanted to create a film that I would be happy with after it was completed but more importantly, something I thought was worth sharing with others.

The idea of Artisan Portraits was created as I was thinking about how important it is to be creative in your everyday life and do what you love. I started thinking about people in my own life that mirror these ideas and right away I thought of my good friend Tiffany Thompson. Tiffany and I have been friends for several years; we actually got to know each other through collaborating on different creative projects.

Tiffany being a singer/songwriter and myself being a photographer/filmmaker, connected immediately. I asked my good friend Char Beck from Seattle, WA to hope on this project because he’s a photographer and has an awesome outlook on life and how your job should reflect what you love to do. Finally I talked to Lance Guillermo, who actually taught me how to breakdance in high school. He and along with his wife, are dance choreographers and have a great desire to spread the dance movement. These were the three people I wanted to be featured in my film. I am so grateful for their friendships and the willingness to share their stories.

I think Tiffany put’s it best when she responds to the question, what is her favorite part of being a singer/songwriter? “Breaking down that boundary between what you do for fun and what you do for work is kind of what all of us entrepreneurial types are trying to do. Get out of the office 9-5, our work is one thing and our creativity is another and constantly pushing both of those things being simultaneous.”

Going into this film project I knew the message I wanted to share with my audience but I didn’t know what the final outcome was going to be. I asked all three artists the same five questions, and they really made each response personal. That’s what I think I like most about the film, how passionate and genuine they are in their answers.