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Music is a bridge-builder, moment-maker and voice-giver.  As a songwriter, singer and producer, Tiffany Thompson creates true, beautiful music that finds a fresh way to say: “I love you,” “you can do it,” and “together, we’ll make it through.” Whether a song for a pop record, a track for wedding video or a cleaning company commercial jingle, Tiffany loves collaborating to create music that moves you.

How did Tiffany get started creating music? Well, her grandfather was a piano salesman, and her mother passed his love of music along to Tiffany and her brothers. Even when moving from Iowa to Russia to Texas, Tiffany always had a piano in her house and her mother made sure she was taking lessons and practicing.

After playing piano for 6 years, Tiffany switched over to guitar in middle school and began writing songs. Her junior year of high school, she a kid named Josh Bronleewe, who would go on to write for Word Entertainment, and they recorded her first record, Unblinded. College brought much fodder for the creative fires. Between breakups and dream, Tiffany released her 2nd,  Seemingly Fine, record and asked everyone on campus to buy a copy till she sold out (of all 300).

73325_1513860095175_1494617908_31408397_6288708_nAfter graduating from Wheaton College with a degree in Political Science, Tiffany moved to Washington, D.C. for a job doing international analysis work while she built her independent artist career.

Tiffany has released 4 records–available in her StoreTiffany Thompson (EP 2009), We Are The Dreamers (EP 2011), Unplugged (LP 2012) and One Voice (LP 2012); and toured extensively in the mid-west and east coast as well as Germany, Prague, Budapest and London.

In summer 2014, Tiffany moved to Nashville, TN to focus on songwriting and immerse herself in that creative community. She has written with friends like Brooke Waggoner, Jenn Bostic, Seth Philpot, Sarin K., Sarah Conant, Phil Danyew, Seabird, Josiah Rosen, Kipp Williams, Shuree Rivera, Todd Wright, Paul Mabry, Paul Duncan, Quinn Erwin, Kelsey K. and many more.

You can stream songs from Tiffany’s catalogue on her SoundCloud page.

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