Book a House Concert

Let’s be honest, after a while parties start to feel the same. But you love to host and are looking for your next killer Friday night creation. Booking a house concert with Tiffany Thompson is the solution.

The Vision:

25+ of your friends, neighbors, co-workers, coffee-shop regulars coming together for a night of fellowship and music.

    • Sometimes hosts provide snacks and drinks; sometimes it is potluck style and BYOB. But always there is food and drinks of some sort.
    • If the evening starts at 7 pm, music happens in 2 sets from 7:30 – 8:00 pm and 8:30 – 9:00 pm.
    • Music will be a mix of originals and covers in a listening room vibe. If you want, we can end the night with some DJ music from the sound system.

The Details:

Money: Hosts can either pay a flat fee of between $250 – $1,000 depending on travel costs or suggest that attendees pay at $10 cover and then the host covers the difference.

Sound System: Tiffany tours with a full sound system; so all she needs from you in outlets. If the room is small, sometimes acoustic works, but she prefers to play “plugged-in.”

Merch: Provide a table for CD sales and if a volunteer can help with the credit cards and money, Tiffany gives them her CD package deal ($20 value).

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IMG_8796-1 copy copyExamples of Successful Shows:

(1) Joe in Atlanta is a natural connector and host. He invites people over to his house a few times a month and his backyard is stadium style, with great lighting and trees. When Tiffany played here, Joe and his friend Greg combined their social circles to bring together about 80 people. The night started around 7:30 pm with snacks from Joe and BYOB. Music started around 8:15 pm and went till 9 pm. Then more socializing and more music from 9:45 – 10:15 pm until people left around 11:30 pm. Joe and Greg gave Tiffany a flat fee and Tiffany was also able to sell over 30 CDs.

    Keys to success: Two hosts bringing the people together. Large backyard with ability to seat. People came to listen and to meet new people; win, win.

(2) Pat in Indiana works for a creative agency. The company has about 15 employees and an open studio space. They hosted a concert at the studio and all of the employees told their friends about the show. On a Wednesday night from 7pm – 9pm, about 30 people came together for custom cocktails and live music. A few of the photographers captured the night in this promo video. Pat’s agency started the tip jar with $100 and then the guests also donated toward the night, which reached Tiffany’s flat fee.

    Keys to success: An organization hosted the show in a large open room and reached out to their network. It was a little earlier with free cocktails, which everyone loved doing on a weeknight.

(3) Chris loves gathering people together, but didn’t have a large apartment in New York. So he has his friend Michelle if he could use her space and hosted the concert at her place. He gathered the people and organized the night, Michelle just provided the real-estate. Their friend Joe, a chef, took care of charcuterie boards and a light meal. Chris paid Tiffany her flat fee and also bought 10 CDs to give as party favors.

    Key to success: The concert becomes a full evening event when more people are involved doing what they do best. Even though Chris didn’t have the space for a show, he had the vision and made it happen!

Example of “Not The Best” Shows:

(1) Ken wanted to throw a dinner party that had live music in the background. So he invited Tiffany to play, but didn’t plan on the flat. The food was awesome, but no one really listened to the music because they came for dinner – not a concert. No one bought CDs cause they didn’t take time to engage the music.

    Key Issues: Guests didn’t expect to listen to songs and hear stories – they came to hang out with their friends. There was no pre-agreed on compensation.

(2) Susan loves Tiffany’s music and wanted to share it with her friends. So she hosted a house show. About 20 people were invited and 10 people came, with 5 being able to stay and listen to the music. Those 5 people really enjoyed it; but the costs for the night could not justify doing this again. Susan still paid Tiffany $100 for coming, which helped.

    Key Issues: The space would not have been able to hold more than 20 people – so it was too small of a space really. Guests had a lot of kids, which made it hard to focus on the music.