Custom Song Portraits

Have you ever wanted to give a one-of-a-kind gift to someone you love, but didn’t know where to start? Have you ever experienced love, loss, pain or triumph that you wanted to memorialize somehow, but didn’t feel like you had the skills needed to actually create something?

Custom Song Portraits start with your vision/idea and end with an original song telling your story through your speakers. With every step in-between a customized experience.


Tiffany did a fantastic job of understanding not just the plot of our film, but the feel as well. You could tell that serious effort had gone into creating something that was beautiful and also served our needs. The song she delivered was powerful, evocative, and hit the nail right on the head. – Jeremy S., Film Maker

Tiffany created a custom song as a wedding gift for my now husband. Her thoughtfulness and excitement made the collaborative process carefree for me. She asked all of the right questions to capture the essence of who we are as a couple and individually. The result was beyond my expectations. Some couples have “our song,” but now we have a song that is truly and uniquely ours! I couldn’t have asked for a better way to commemorate this special time in our lives. – Susannah E., Bride

Examples of Custom Song Portraits

Apple Cider Dreams: A gentleman wanted to honor his dear friend who was an life-long poet. The poet was prolific and loved by friends and family, but had gone unrecognized by the literary. So working alongside the gentleman, Tiffany helped put 12 of the poet’s pieces to music. Apple Cider Dreams was the first one they created together.

Keep You In Our Hearts: After the sudden passing of Mr. H, his friends commissioned Tiffany to write a song in remembrance of his joyful life. Tiffany spent hours reading the posts on Mr. H’s Facebook wall, learning about him through the stories and memories being shared. She then crafted a body of lyric around the themes and stories; lastly placing it to melody with the electric guitar.

The One You Love: They had been married for over 5 years, and Mrs. E wanted to give her husband something unique for their anniversary. She had heard about Tiffany’s custom song portraits from a friend who hired Tiffany to write a song for their wedding. After an hour phone call and answering a series of questions, Tiffany knew that this song had to have a singable chorus part because Mrs. and Mr. E had 3 kinds under 5! So Tiffany asked Mrs. E to record the kids singing the melody and lyrics “I love being the one you love” (something that Mrs. E had said while sharing about Mr. E). And together, Tiffany, the kids and Mrs. E created a one-of-a-kind gift for Mr. E, who was a music lover and liked things with a good melody and beat.

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How Does It Work?

1. Discover the Message

I’ll send you an initial list of questions to discover what the custom song is for, when you need it by and the type of recording you are interested. Next, we’ll have a phone call to chat about the story and heart behind your custom song gift. We’ll work together to make sure I’m clear on your heart for this song. 

2. Draft the Custom Song Portrait

I’ll write a rough-draft of the custom song lyrics and melody to share with you either via Skype or email. You’ll have the opportunity to make any tweaks, changes or adjustments you think are needed.

3. Record the Custom Song

Once the song is approved, Tiffany will move forward with recording it based on the style/scope you articulated in the Discovery process. The quickest and most affordable recording package is:

  • Acoustic vocal, harmony and one instrument -$600.00 (+$150 for an additional instruments like cello)

If you are interested in having a fully produced song with string, percussion and additional arrangements, those options are readily available:

  • Full track production by one of Tiffany’s producers – Additional $1,000 – $2,500

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How long does it take?
A. Depending on your schedule and mine, typically it will take between 2-8 weeks. Upon ordering, I’ll contact you to make sure we plan our delivery in time for your event.

Q. How many copies of the song do I get?

A. The package includes – a CD with the song, simple package tied with yellow and white twine. If additional copies and large orders, special arrangements can be made.

Q. What type of occasions could use a custom song?

New jobs
Mother’s Day
New babies
Jingles for small businesses
Valentine’s Day
Father’s Day
Civic celebrations
store/restaurant openings
songs for home movies/videos

Q. Who owns the songwriting and master?

A. Tiffany will give inspired by credit to you, but the songwriting and publishing remains Tiffany Thompson’s ownership. She also give you full rights to use the recorded version however you want, to share it, give it away, and use it in anyway. But Tiffany retains ownership of the master, unless other arrangements are established.