Custom Wedding Song: Carrie and Sam Reflect

As a songwriter, it’s my honor to offer a unique song service to you: writing and recording a custom song that reflects your heart and gives voice to the emotion, story and memory you want to capture and share with others. Whether it is a wedding, your first kiss, your first child, your last moments with a loved one, your dream for the future, a custom song is the perfect gift.

Carrie and SamCarrie and Sam were the first couple I ever wrote a custom song for, and 5 years after their marriage, they shared these reflections:

From Carrie, the bride:
“Tiffany’s custom song was one of the most personal, creative and meaningful gifts I received on my wedding day. The way she artfully captured the love my husband and I share by weaving together the moments, spaces and places of our history into a song about love, faith and perseverance brought tears to my eyes and remains one of my
favorite tokens of our story today. Every time I hear it I am immediately brought back to the magic and meaning of our wedding day. Tiffany’s deep listening, poetic sensibility, musical talent and intuition make her an excellent song-writer [and performer], [a dear friend], and a delight to work with — I cannot recommend her more!”
From Samuel, the groom:
“I have to confess: I’m usually not a fan of cutesy, sugarcoated romance. What hooked me about working with Tiffany was how she managed  to embed the song-writing process with the same sense of dynamism and adventure that filled my relationship with my wife. In the end, the song we came up with had wheels, it had a sense of time, and kept a perfect equilibrium between the uncertainty of love and the lightheartedness that makes us return to that memory—and that song—over and over again.”


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