Demo Singer

Are you a songwriter looking to hire a demo singer? Are you an artist looking for a background vocalist? Tiffany Thompson is available to book for demo singer/vocal session services today. Fully equipped with a MacBook Pro and Logic X recording system, Tiffany offers a variety of demo signer packages to fit your need. Custom discounts are available for regular clients and multiple song session. The follow price list is for one-song demo singer sessions:

Single Demo Singer Song Price List:

$119 – A comped mainline vocal WAV/AIFF file

$74 – For full BGVs in WAV/AIFF files

$159 –  A mainline vocal AND BGV package

*This includes a pre-production conversation, emailing the initial vocal take to you for comments, integrating those fixes and send a ZIP files with finished WAV/AIFF files.

Demo Singer Package Deal (3 Or More Songs) Price List:

$99 – per mainline vocal WAV/AIFF file

$51 – per 3-part BGVs in WAV/AIFF files

$134 – A mainline vocal AND BGV package

Song Samples:

Clicked links will open in a new tab and play song samples. 

Rock (Up Tempo/”Big Notes”)


  • Home : Written by Tiffany Thompson and Phil Danyew
  • Bed of Decision : Written by Tiffany Thompson and Phil Danyew



If you want to hire Tiffany, please submit a contact form below, and use the “Additional Background Information” section to briefly describe the project and deadline. Thank you!