A Germany Tour Thank You

How do you reflect on a month of touring Germany when each moment was a gift? The only thing I know to do is give thanks!

Firstly, thank you God for this opportunity. From the moment I got my airplane ticket to the encore at Club Moments in Bremen, You were there leading and loving me. In You, I find my voice. In You, I am filled up to pour out.

Thank you Songs & Whispers.

You are the first booking and PR team I’ve worked with, and you set a high standard. Your attention to detail made the concerts easy to get to and set-up. This freed my mind to simply focus on playing a great show and connecting with fans.

I saw your grassroots, hard work when I showed up in a small town and a shop owner show me the newspaper with my picture and show announcement. That night over 60 people came out to the concert. Your use of print advertising was strategic and impactful.

Also, thanks for collecting pictures, videos and recordings of our shows! This one sounds especially good: Tiffany and Jenn at Hotel Meyer.

IMG_7773Thank you German fans and friends.

You bringing energy, listening ears and a willingness to participate to every show. You blessed us financially by buying CDs and donating in our “Hat.” You spread the word about shows to your friends in other cities and even traveled to see us. You made us feel at home; and that was an unexpected gift indeed. Can’t wait to see you next year!


Thank you Jenn Bostic.

I would not have been in Germany singing my songs and meeting 100s of new fans with out your generous spirit and constant encouragement. I could list 1,000 more thank you items, but here are a few things I am deeply grateful for:

  • Laughing with me when my ice cream cone exploded in the car and I reversed into the car behind us (thank the Lord for bumpers).
  • Praying for me when I was struggling with a hurt heart.
  • Playing awesome rifts and cajone on my songs to bring them to life musically.
  • Teaching me about the importance of the bar and chairs as performance tools.
  • Helping me dream about the future and speaking life into my story.

Visit the Songs & Whispers YouTube playlist to see shows from our tour.

Watch Jenn and I cover James Bay’s Hold Back the River! And if you are in the DC area, we are doing a Germany tour encore performance at Ebenezers Coffee House on August 21


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