Home with Phil Danyew

I met Phil Danyew years ago at a show he was playing in DC. Danyew totally killed the set, and we had some awesome conversation afterwards. We stayed in touch and ended up creating music together.

Our collaborations have influenced my music greatly, and I am ever thankful for Danyew’s encouragement and generous creativity.

On my current trip to LA, writing and playing with Danyew was the corner stone. We created an amazing new song called “Do This Right” and played a show at the WitZend in Venice.

The show at WitZend was something special. This was the first time Danyew and I had played live together; our friendship radiated off the stage and onto the listeners.

I wish all of you could have been there, but here is a glimpse of the goodness.  Danyew and I performing a song we co-wrote years ago:  Home.

Download the song on iTunes.

Also, check out Danyew’s new project Hitpoints.