DANAE's Dream Tour as Featured on Digital Tour Bus

DANAE's Dream Tour as Featured on Digital Tour Bus

Digital Tour Bus loved DANAE's Direction EP and wanted to know what her dream tour would be like. Read her full reply below.

When I take the Direction EP on tour this fall, I have a few Dream Tour ideas.

First, I’ve always loved the energy Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic brings to the stage. His writing and performing have influenced the way I write and the way I want to connect with the audience. Each time I see him sing, I feel like he gives everything he has in him to the audience. If I was opening for him, just maybe the magic would rub off and maybe, just maybe, we could write some songs together in the green room. Hey, it’s a Dream Tour.

Second, I’m a huge fan of Mikky Ekko. His fusion of pop, R&B and indie rock is engaging and inspiring to me. Getting the chance to open for him would be amazing. Since lyrics are a big deal to me, I feel like our fans would cross over well. Cause lyrics seem to be a big deal to Mikky.

Third, I would ask ColdPlay if I could borrow Phil Harvey. He’s the 5th member of Coldplay and comes up with all the visual and creative elements that make their live show amazing! Having the chance to work with Harvey would bring my stage presence and presentation to a whole new level. Also, if he loves the music, maybe he could arrange an opening slot on the next Coldplay tour. (Yes, I’m hoping for another Coldplay tour).