Spring 2017 College Concert Booking Begins!

DANAE simply loves creating live musical experience where college students are entertained, inspired and encouraged to dream bigger.  

Whether performing for an outdoor festival or a Friday night coffee house, DANAE's versatile arrangements can bring energy and entertainment to any college campus. Her band is currently booking college concerts across the US for Spring of 2017. 

If you are wondering what type of vibe DANAE would be bringing, let us tell you a little bit about her. Wanderlust is in her bloodstream and her music. Growing up, she lived in Iowa, Russia and Texas. After college in Illinois, she moved to DC to purse a career at the CIA (right?), but resigned in 2013 to dive wholeheartedly into her music career. 

Danae then moved to Nashville and loves calling this blossoming creative community home. Working with a few different pop producers, Danae is fusing electronic production,  singer/songwriter storytelling and pop hooks.

Her debut EP has over 150,000 streams on Spotify and college radio stations in California, Tennessee and Virginia are already starting to spin her record.

“I love the way concerts bring people together, and getting the chance to play music for college kids is my favorite!" said Danae. To learn more about booking DANAE for college events in Spring 2017, check out this page.