One Takes: A Series of Acoustic Songs

As a singer/songwriter, creation is a battle, joy, delight and journey. There are a million other words I could list as well, but those will do for now. My creative process often includes friends around the country. One of my favorite people in the world is Jenn Bostic. We became friends, co-writers, tour-mates and soul sisters a few years ago and have created a number of songs together.

Another dear friend is Phil Danyew. His friendship and production has influenced me since we met over 5 years ago. And it was his musical creativity that helped birth one of my favorite songs, Home.

It’s been a while since I put out my last record, but I have been writing a lot over the past year. And I’ld love to know what you think of the songs.  So I’ve created a new playlist on SoundCloud called “One Takes.” It’s a series of acoustic songs recorded in one take, simple, acoustic and raw.

Some of these may never see the light of day past SoundCloud and others might make the next record.  You’re comments, likes, shares and hearts help me know what songs resonate and which ones should be left in th bedroom. 😉

So I hope you enjoy listening to these. But more than that, I hope you engage with them. I really value your feedback and share these with you cause I trust you to tell me the true.