One Voice – The Song, Story and Video


One Voice is about authentic relationship. A relationship with honesty about one’s need for feedback, clarity and help. A relationship where when it’s hard to hear the heart of the other, you can call out and have confidence that the other is hearing and caring. For me, this is the type of dynamic relationship I desire to have with my God and with my family. Download on iTunes


Written by Tiffany Thomson, Aaron Morgan (Seabird), Josh Silverberg

I’m listening for your heartbeat

But it’s noisy on this city street

I’m searching for an open door

But bright lights keep blinding me

As I fall to ground

with empty hands

And I long for the sound

So come on

And call me in


One voice

One voice

It’s all I want

All I need to hear

Is Your voice

Your voice

Loud and clear


Would I miss it when I feel asleep

Would I noticed if it rang through my dreams

If you were to pass me by

Would I even recognize or


Fall to ground

with empty hands

And still long for the sound

So come on

And call me in


Can you cut

Can you cut through the noise

If you breath, I’ll sing

And if you speak, I’m listening


Video from CD Release show at IOTA Club in Arlington, VA.  Video and Editing by Eliezer Lee.  @theEarchitect