Moments: NYC, Little Girls and Online Shows

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]oments, however small and rare, are the fuel for music making. Beautiful moments, painful moments, passionate moments, wishful moments. Yes, some songs emerge from a lifetime of discovery and learning. But, for me and my friends … it’s most often just from moments.

I want to share a truly special moment that recently happened after a show at Rockwood Music Hall (NYC).

The crowd was light that night. I’d come up from DC with a friend, just to play this show and wondered if these people were Rockwood Music regulars or there for my music.

After my set, a man came up and introduced himself, we chatted, he bought ONE VOICE and said he would give it to his daughter who liked to write music. I thought that was lovely – so I signed it with the statement “keep writing.” We shook hands and the moment passed.

A few weeks later I received an email from this same man, Chris.  He took the time, a few moments, to share the impact of the music on his daughters.  And I asked if I could share that with you …


… my daughter was extremely happy when I gave her the CD and really liked what your wrote. She felt like you were talking to her.

In either case, I was with my daughters last night, and we watched your StageIt show [an online concert venue].  My 8-year old wanted to write in the comments something like ‘Hi, I’m the girl you signed the CD for’ … so here I am writing.

I want my daughters to have positive female role models and they have both taken a liking to your music … they want to know when you’re going to be famous!

Receiving this note was such a deep encouragement to me. There are many shows, live and online, that songs are shared, seemingly, one-way.  So to learn the way the songs have traveled around from a father to a daughter, from a NYC club to a living room home.  That’s something I treasure and the type of moments I pray for.