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Pheaturing Phile Alum Tiffany Thompson

Posted on The Peverett Phile

On January 13, 2013


Today’s pheatured guest is making her third appearance on the Phile. She has a brand new album out called “One Voice” that’s available on iTunes and will be appearing next at Midtown Scholar Bookstore in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on Feb. 1st. Please welcome to the Phile once again, the beautiful and talented… Tiffany Thompson.

Me: Tiffany, welcome back to the Phile. How are you?

Tiffany: I’m doing great! December was crazy with shows, band practices, online promo and holiday events, but I am hitting a more sustainable stride now.

Me: Your original interview, I have to stay, still has more views than any other interview. What do you say about that?

Tiffany: I guess my music is just that good. 😉

Me: You live in the DC area, am I right?

Tiffany: Yes, I live about 10 miles south of the city in Alexandria, VA. But, I spend a lot of time in the District cause that is where my regular gigs, friends and church are.

Me: Last time you were here you talked about going to England. How was that trip, Tiffany?

Tiffany: I loved my Europe trip. I actually started in Budapest, Hungary then went to Prague to Berlin and then finally to England. It was an amazing time of sharing my music in a variety of countries and context.

Me: Did you play over there or just visit?

Tiffany: I played a variety of shows in churches and cafes as well as on the street corner. I think I took over about 300 CD’s to give away and came back with 0. I actually made a little movie about the trip. If you want to see it, just go here:

Me: Have you made it back down to Florida yet? You haven’t played down here, right?

Tiffany: I still have not made it down there! Maybe we could book a house show or a good opening slot at a club down there. If I can cover my travel expenses, I’ll willing to go most anywhere to share my music. So Florida is only a flight away!

Me: Since you were here last you had a few releases out, which I downloaded from iTunes. Let’s talk about the “Unplugged” album. How did you choose which songs to do, Tiff?

Tiffany: First off… thanks for downloading them on iTunes. Every sale really does make a difference. “Unplugged” actually started out as just a demo session in Nashville to capture acoustic versions of my new songs. We recorded about 25 songs in 2 days, and I intended just to have them for personal reference. But over the summer, I played out a lot at Farmers Markets and songwriters rounds, and people consistently commented that they wish I had a recording of the songs that sounded like the live version-stripped down and just vocal and guitar. That fan feedback and my desire to share new music with listeners led to the release of “Unplugged.”

Me: Were those songs done live in the studio in one take?

Tiffany: I like to call them “almost live.” Due to the newness of the songs, I had to punch in on a few guitar parts and sometimes fix a melody here and there. Plus, we added some additional guitar later to spice it up a bit and then a few harmonies at the very end. But it’s “almost live.”

Me: You play both piano and guitar, right? What do you prefer? And what do you like better to play?

Tiffany: I think I’m more comfortable performing on guitar, but I enjoy writing on piano more.

Me: Do you remember what the first song you ever learnt to play was?

Tiffany: That’s a tough question, but I think it was “You Were Meant for Me” by Jewel.

Me: I’m going off track, Tiffany. Let’s talk about the new album “One Voice”. How did you choose that song to be the album title?

Tiffany: I had actually titled the record “Take It And Run” in summer 2012; even had cover art for it posted on my website. But I postponed the release of the record from June to December and during that time “One Voice” became a fan favorite at shows. So I decided to make that the title track, which I am really glad about. I love the new cover art and the simplicity of “One Voice” as a title.

Me: Did you do all the songwriting on the album, Tiff?

Tiffany: Six of the 7 songs on the album are co-writes with the producers. And the last song was a solo write by me. So this record is definitely a step forward in collaboration.

Me: My favorite song on the album is the opening track “Take It and Run”. I like more of the upbeat songs. But I have to ask, take what and run?

Tiffany: Great question! The lyrics for the chorus are “Take all that you’ve been given and run.” So “it” are your gifts, strengths and abilities; your passions and interests.

Me: There’s a track called on the album “Real Joy”, is that about Joy Ike? LOL. Have you heard any of her new music?

Tiffany: Haha! I love Joy Ike. Maybe I should write a remix specifically about her?

Me: She should have a song on her new album “Real Tiffany”. Anyway, when her new CD comes out she’s gonna be back on the Phile. If I was gonna ask her one question, what should I ask her?

Tiffany: When was the first time she took her shoes off at a show?

Me: Okay, I will definitely ask her that. Back to the new album, I posted a real brief review on iTunes for you. It’s the least I could do. I mentioned the “One Voice” album cover on it. Oh… my… God. What a beautiful shot, Tiff. Who took it? They did a great job.

Tiffany: Stephen Elliot, owner of Mud Productions, took it! He is an amazing photographer, and his wife, Lacey, is a make-up artist that did my makeup for the shoot. You can check out the rest of his stuff at:

Me: Tiff, I’m asking random questions for my guests this year, so here is yours. What do you think is an ideal age?

Tiffany: Haha! An age you are living fully.

Me: Fair answer. Tiffany, thanks so much fore being back on the Phile. I wish you continued success and please come back soon when the next CD comes out. As long as I do this little blog, I will always have you on the Phile. By the way, how is your blog?

Tiffany: My blog is doing great!

Me: Tell the readers where it’s at.

Tiffany: It’s

Me: Go ahead and mention all your websites, Tiffany.

Tiffany: You can find everything you need at and @Tiffanytmusic.

Me: Thanks, Tiffany. Take care.