Rainbows for the Fallen World

… paintings and novels and music are somewhat like rainbows. God did not have to make rainbows. He could have just said it in black on white, “I will keep covenant with the earth,” just as he wrote in stone the Ten Words. And why did Christ teach men and women in parables? Couldn’t he have been more straightforward, so there wouldn’t have been any misunderstandings?

But it pleased Christ to tell the story of the good Samaritan, and it pleased God to make rainbows in the sky. And it has pleased the Holy Spirit to give certain people gifts of drawing, imagining and making melody. And no [one] had better condemn rainbows, parables or gifts of the Holy Spirit as off limits. In fact God’s people are called to find out what art is like, why the Lord put this talent in our creaturely laps and how is art to keep its holy rainbow character rather than become a mirage.

Calvin G. Seerveld, “Rainbows for the Fallen World,” p 8.