“Smelly Cats” – Tiffany’s an Honest Singer/Songwriter

I recently received an email from a lady who heard my music at a coffee shop; and knew I had to share this on my blog. ┬áHope it’s as fun for you to read as it was for me to receive:

It was great to meet you, and I loved your music (even though I was only half-listening while I worked). I have already played your cd a couple of times, and I still enjoyed hearing your music while I worked. I am always partial to singers that play the piano (I love Ben Folds!), as I took piano lessons for 7 years (I still have parts of songs memorized:)).

Now that I have a fully working brain (I had been at St. Elmo’s for 8 hours working.), I should have clarified what I meant when I brought up Phoebe. Beyond the obvious playing-in-coffee-shops-connection, I was referring to the honesty of Phoebe’s lyrics (yes, I know they were silly – though I really liked “Smelly Cat.”). I love that you take such seemingly simple moments (like having a cup of coffee in a coffee shop and plotting how you can go to the bathroom without losing your table or your stuff – something I know very well) and turn them into honest, beautiful, insightful songs.

Next item on the todo list — write a song about tasty treats?

– Tiff