Our Song: Katy and Adam

I love working with people to create the perfect song. As a songwriter, it’s my honor to offer a unique song service to you: writing and recording a custom song that reflects your heart and gives voice to the emotion, story and memory you want to capture and share with others.

KatyKaty reached out to me a few months ago, and together we created a song for her long distance boyfriend Adam. I asked Katy to share her thoughts on the experience:

My boyfriend and I have to be so far away from each other right now due to career moves, and it’s not easy. When I heard about what Tiffany did I knew it would be a good way to totally surprise him. We have a pretty cool story and as all love stories go, he changed my life by being in it.

Tiffany made an amazing song, and as expected- it really meant a lot to him- he was so surprised! It was so worth the money since I could help her write it and her voice is incredible. Most importantly, it was really meaningful to have something made that was just ours and will last forever. It was made for our birthday, but I am sure we will use it as a back track for lots of events the rest of our lives.
Thanks Tiffany, you made the distance shorter and love stronger.

You Are My World

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