Throwback Blog Series: A New Season

I recently stumbled across old blog post from 2007 – 2010. They show how our past is often more similar to our present than we thought it would be. So I’ve created the “Throwback Blog Series” to unearth these ideas and stories. Hope you enjoy the journey back through time over the coming month. 


September 17, 2010

A New Season … 

When I woke up last Saturday, I knew I needed to be in a place—if only for an hour— that contained images and stories, was filled with people passing, and felt larger then this season in my life.  Preferably a quiet place, but chaos would seem equally appropriate. I’m always surprised by how our minds work, because the first place that came to mind, the place I found myself at 1:45 pm on September 11, was a side sitting room at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC.  To get there, you have to traverse the parking mayhem of downtown, pass through the security guards, have a moment with Rembrandt and find a seat in a white, marble room that is simple and fresh, yet rooted in a building filled with beauty.

So there I sat, sitting in a marble square because I needed a space to write to you.  Life has been very multifaceted lately.  Friends have gotten married, nights have been sleepless, passions have been shifting, and I have been seeking clarity.  Clarity has not come, but my desire for it has waned, replaced with an acceptance of this season and a passion to live it to the full.

Does all this seem rather esoteric?

Let me expose 2 concrete examples.

First …  Like many artists, I constantly balance my passion for creating art/music with the necessity/security of having a stable career. These discreet spheres of life often seem mutually exclusive, different suitors competing for my affections. A situation complicated by the fact that I have a job that interests me and brims with possibility.

So in this coming season—which begins now and has an unidentifiable, yet not too distant, end—I will be working longer hours, fewer days a week, in order to have a weekly songwriting day.  So many of my listeners have graciously enjoyed the same 4 song—15 minute—album for the past year, and I long for them to have new sonic waves and words in their ears. Thus, I am compelled to play fewer concerts this season, and write more, with the concrete goal of producing a new album by mid 2011.

Second … Though I create music because I simply love it; I also create it for the future listener. It brings me such joy to know my friends sing along to “Till That Day Comes;” that they roll the windows down when “Ask Me Again” comes on; that they put “Love’s Set Aside” on their Fall 2010 mix CD. Thus, I plan on posting new song ideas on FaceBook, sending out new songs to my mailing list members, and hopefully getting people’s feedback on what they like, what they think is fresh and new, and what they don’t connect with at all.

So please engage these song ideas as they show up in emails and on Facebook.  Please bring friends to shows as a way of starting conversations about life and love. Please let me know if you have a creative idea (venue, website, experience) that you think would add dimension, nuance, and vibrancy to this body of music, art and love that I am seeking to create.