Throwback Blog Series: The Magic of Cities

I recently stumbled across old blog post from 2007 – 2010. They show how our past is often more similar to our present than we thought it would be. So I’ve created the “Throwback Blog Series” to unearth these ideas and stories. Hope you enjoy the journey back through time over the coming month. 


February 9, 2010

The Magic of Cities

Over the past year, I have had the wonderful blessing of traveling to a few countries in this wide world as well as a variety of state in the US of A.  These trips are filled with people, places and things to do.  Constantly moving, eating and seeing the real version of things that have lived only on the pages of National Geographic.

However, on my most recent trip I spent a few days walking around cities alone. In DC, where I live and breathe most of the year, I can be a little bit of a loner. I like going to coffee shops alone and or spending evening at my house working on new music.  Don’t get me wrong, I simply love my friends and community, but spending time alone in my home town is not a melancholy thing.

Being alone in a new city, however, made me feel very melancholy.  The cities seemed to be busting with alleys to be explored, windows to be looked through, museums to be perused, cab drivers to talk to, beaches to build castles on, and views to be seen.  New cities are busting with magic … and I think magic has to be shared with people who are as excited about the magic as you are.

I feel like these thoughts deserve a song, but I am not sure what to say yet.  Any ideas would be much appreciated.  – Yours, Tiff