Throwback Blog Series: Thanks Giving

I recently stumbled across old blog post from 2007 – 2010. They show how our past is often more similar to our present than we thought it would be. So I’ve created the “Throwback Blog Series” to unearth these ideas and stories. Hope you enjoy the journey back through time over the coming month. 


November 26, 2009

Thanks Giving Though:  Living the Luxurious Life

Sitting at the United Airlines gate in Reagan Airport (Washington, DC), I wait for the night shift employee to call the boarding for Zone 2. Most of the people around me seem tired and quiet—it’s a 7 am departure flight. Yet, all of us have chosen this mode to transport us to another place, another state, another time zone. Crazy how a little flight can change your world.

My mind begins imagining the possible stories of the people around me. Their children, spouses, friends await their arrival. Warm meals and symmetrically set tables fill the dinning room. Flames lick the inside of the fireplace as smoke inches its way up the ageing chimney.

As my imagination creates various scenes, I am struck by how the hours that await me upon my arrival in Chicago are informing these plays. I am blessed with a loving father who will meet me at the airport with a look of completed anticipation in his eyes. I am blessed with two brothers who will tease me, love me, and challenge the importance of my “busy” life. I have a mother who is nursing her sick mother and who will be strengthened by the presence of her children and husband.

What a luxurious life I am blessed to live! Pillowing with love and listening ears, covered in warm wishes, adorned with wise words and prayers, dripping in sweet memories of the past. (Ghosts rarely join our parties)

Perhaps it is important to be thankful for the challenges as well, of which my family has many. They are the knifes that allow us to cut through mistakes and carve beautiful images into the block of life we are given.

I close this day’s musing with a string of thanksgivings (to trail behind my 9 hours of travel today): job security, musical friends, creative spirit, ambiguity that pushes me toward Jesus, the ability to choose, my church community, my fans, the airplanes that take me to other spaces and times.