Throwback Blog Series: Till That Day Comes

I recently stumbled across old blog post from 2007 – 2010. They show how our past is often more similar to our present than we thought it would be. So I’ve created the “Throwback Blog Series” to unearth these ideas and stories. Hope you enjoy the journey back through time over the coming month. 


August 3, 2009

Yes, But Then I Remember

I simply love coffee and often find myself camped out in a cozy chair at corner cafés working on my computer and enjoying the taste and aroma coming from my cup. Inevitably, however, the moment will come when I need to get something, use the restroom, or fill the parking meter, and then I am stuck. Who will watch my things? Or do I pack up and risk loosing my seat?

It was a moment like this that created the first lines of Till That Day Comes. My coffee is cold and I want to go get some more, but people want my table and the lines out the door. I sigh and see that chair next to is still empty.

No matter how content I am with being single; there are still moments—however rare—when I long to be in a relationship. And, I’ld love for that man to be sitting in the chair next to me.

However, as I wrote this song and entered into the emotions of longing, dreaming, and a bit of loneliness, I kept remembering the truths that root and guide me.

I am a dearly loved daughter and friend. I do not long for just anyone to fill the chair next to me or hold the light near my front door. I may be single, but I am not alone. I am a child of God—a follower of Christ—, and I trust in the plans He has for me.

It is these truths I tried to reflect in the songs bridge and chorus: Its not about being alone; I can make it through life on my own. But I know that I would be a wife who loves for life.

So I close my eyes and pray one more time that the day would come when I’ld find someone who would hold me close and love me more than I’ve known before.