Tiffany Thompson’s Live Band Videos

When a solo singer/songwriter gets a live band, things change a little.  For me, I’ve been playing solo since I was about 5 years old.  Singing songs for church functions or parties.

But in college, I started asking my friends in the conservatory to play with me at my shows.  They were so creative, and I loved what happen when the “live band” came together.

As a local Virginia/ Washington DC artist, I’ve played out solo a lot over the year.  But since 2012, I’ve been doing live band gigs around the region.  Good friends have captured the good, bad and amazing moments from these shows – and I wanted to share the links with you.  All in one place.

So if you like the “live band” sound as well as my music.  Check out this eclectic collection of videos.  Some are professionally recorded and others are obviously cameras on a rock a field. 😉

Every show takes things to the next level – so I’ll start you with most recent.  I hope you enjoy this live band video journey and if you are looking to book a live band for your corporate gig in Virginia or Washington DC.  Tiffany Thompson and Company are ready to make your night!

Special thank you to all the friends who filmed these videos, including Mark Webster.


Take It And Run (Nov. 2013)

Ebenzers (Nov 2013)

Whit Zen (June 2013)

Del Ray Music Festival (June 2013)

IOTA Club (Dec 2012)

Ebenezers (July 2012)

Duo in Nashville (May 2012)