Review of “We Are The Dreamers”

A huge thank you goes out to Bryan Patton for reviewing my Dec 2012 release, “We Are The Dreamers.”

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There comes a point when an artist makes the choice between staying local and keeping music as a side hobby or pursuing it full time. 2011 was the year that Tiffany Thompson; would set out from the metro area and explore living life as a musician full-time.

Having spent the last couple of years making a name for herself in the D.C. area, Thompson took her show on the road.Between tours, Thompson spent time in studios in both Nashville and Los Angeles, co-writing and working on her next release.

She released two singles in the fall, “Real Joy” for free on Soundcloud and “Let It Breakthrough” on iTunes. Both tracks were great, but neither hinted at what would be her brilliant new ep “We Are the Dreamers.”

Recorded in Nashville, “We Are the Dreamers” moves Thompson out of the singer/songwriter category completely. Each song is polished and crisp, well crafted pop music. In the age of technology and at home recording, professionally produced quality can be hard to find, but the hard work of producer Phil Danyew shines.

Thompson’s sweet voice carries each song. Love songs like “Home” and “Tandem” have a biting attitude that cuts through the sweetness. It’s not mean, but it’s a change that fans of Thompson’s previous work will take notice of.

On the flip, “Past This End,” a break-up song, is a really gentle track.The album’s most poignant moment is the title track, “We Are the Dreamers.” It’s a personal song about chasing your dreams, and listeners can tell that it comes out of Tiffany’s experiences over the last year. The acoustic version of “Home” that ends the ep is a nice glimpse at the writing process and let’s the listener hear the song in its earliest stages.

“We Are the Dreamers” is a beautiful ep that should be checked out for sure. Tiffany Thompson has created her best record to date. If the goal was to make a name for herself nationally, “We Are the Dreamers” is a great first step in that direction.


By Bryan Patton