Simply put, Tiffany loves creating. Lyrics for a custom song. Melodies for a pop track. Laughter at a house concert. Click on the Icons to below to learn about Tiffany’s musical offerings and ways she can work with you. 

Custom Songs

Tiffany loves working with individual people to create custom songs that memorialize their stories of joy, love, loss and life. She also puts poetry and lyrics to music.

Vocal Sessions

Tiffany’s clear vocal tone and emotional delivery style makes her the perfect vocalist to sing on your record or song demo. She can record the parts on at her home studio or come to yours (Nashville only).

Music Licensing

Are you a filmmaker, wedding photographer or organization creating video? Instrumental and vocal versions of Tiffany’s songs are available for micro and commercial licensing on Music Bed. You’re viewers will love the music, and Tiffany will love you for using it!  

Worship Leading

The daughter of an Evangelical Free Church minister, Tiffany loves using her musical gifts to bless churches. Use the Contact form below for more information.

House Concerts

Don’t just throw a party; host a house concert! Tiffany’s worked with hosts of every size house and community. 

Listen to the Music

Tiffany’s songwriting ranges from Folk to Pop, as does her singing. Explore her projects below.

Want to Contact Tiffany?

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Tiffany is currently focused on launching a new pop project in early 2016. Thus there are no tour dates at this time. The best way to stay in the know is by joining her mailing list!

If you believe in Tiffany’s vision for making beautiful music, this Donate link gives you an easy, safe way to send a financial blessing via PayPal.