Tiffany Thompson
Tiffany Thompson

After spending her childhood in TEXAS AND Russia as the daughter of a non-denominational minister, DANAE discovered the impact of music across cultures, Hearts and lives. “Music has the power to move people toward good and beautiful work in the world,” stated DANAE.

uPON graduation from Wheaton College, Danae moved to DC pursuing a career at CIA, but resigned in 2013 to dive wholeheartedly into her calling to be a Songwriter and Recording Artist.

Since 2014, DANAE has called the blossoming creative community of Nashville home. 

cOMBINGING pop melodies and Gospel inflused lyrics, danae's music HAS hit over 150,000 STREAMS ON SPOTIFY AND COLLEGE RADIO STATIONS IN CALIFORNIA, TENNESSEE, AND VIRGINIA ARE SPINNING HER RECORD. Her Songs proclaim a message of hope, courage, faith and love. 

Whether performing solo or with her rocking band, DANAE knows how to connect with anyone in the room and leaves the Community feeling a deeper connections to God and each other. 

what’s the perfect accompaniment to that carefree spirit? A great soundtrack. That’s why we’re amped to have discovered DANAE, an independent Nashville-based pop artist, and her latest single, “Direction.”
— Darling Magazine :

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